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Bryansk Symphony Orchestra (BGSO)

The Bryansk Symphony Orchestra (BGSO) is one of the youngest ensembles of that genre in Russia. The Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Eduard Ambartcumian is the artistic director and principal conductor of the BGSO since the day it was created in 2011.

The core of BGSO consists of the musicians of the Bryansk Chamber Orchestra created in 1993 by E.Ambartcumian who was invited to work by the Bryansk City Administration.

Bryansk Symphony Orchestra performing in the Federation Council (Moscow)

From the first concerts the audience and musical critics pointed out perfect ensemble, beauty and power of sound, wealth of timbre-dynamic nuances and sense of style as the main characteristics of the orchestra.

During the concert season, the orchestra presents to the public about 20-25 new concert programs comprising national and international classical music. Throughout its history, the Orchestra has created an extensive and diverse repertoire thanks to the great hard work of the conductor and the orchestra.

Analyzing the repertoire of the orchestra you see that it is addressed to a wide range of listeners and has an educational character. E.Ambartcumian manages to promote effectively the Russian and European classical music opening to the listeners the world of contemporary music and rising the interest of the young audience to serious music.

The repertoire of BGSO mainly consists of the West European and Russian Classical music.

The performance of the symphonies of J.Haydn, V.Mozart, L.Beethoven, R.Wagner and I.Brams, the piano concerts of E.Grigg and F.Chopin by BGSO was unforgettable.

A great gift for the Bryansk audience was the concert performance of the opera The Bill of Marriage by J.Rossini with soloists from Moscow theaters, performed by BGSO under the direction of E. Ambartcumian.

E.Ambartcumian knows and loves the music of European composers, promotes the musical culture of Armenia, but making the repertoire of the BGSO he pays special attention to the Russian music. Performing the Russian composers' works he aims to reveal the national character of music, to show the originality of its images — majestic and bogatyr, fairy and powerful, lyrically modest and restrained.

The orchestra dedicated several remarkable thematic programs to the bright genius of Mikhail I.Glinka, performing symphonic overtures and fragments from the operas. In BGSO's performance the music of M. Glinka appears classically clear, harmonious and dynamic. The orchestra brilliantly manages to convey the epic scope of A.Borodin's symphonies, to embody the spirit of antiquity and the generalization of his symphonic canvases. The audience especially appreciated BGSO's bright, powerful and dynamic performance of Polovtsian Dances from the opera Prince Igor.

Being a promoter of the Russian classical culture, E.B.Ambartcumian pays a great attention to the performance of P. Tchaikovsky works, emphasizing their sincerity, emotional excitement, deep sadness and drama. The Bryansk audience highly appreciated symphonies, piano concerts and fragments from the ballets and operas of the composer in the performance of BGSO.

Uliana Razumnaia – the soloist of the Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre named after Boris Pokrovsky – performing with the Orchestra. 

The repertoire of the orchestra is constantly updated and new compositions also of contemporary composers highly appreciated by the audience are added.

The audience of Bryansk was impressed by the modern and powerful sound of D.Shostakovich' and I.F.Stravinsky's works performed by the Orchestra.

E.B.Ambartcumian pays lots of attencion to the performance of Soviet composers' (N.Roslavets, S.Prokofiev, N.Miaskovsky, A.Khachaturyan, G.Sviridov, A.Arutyunian, E.Bagdasarian) music.

Today the Bryansk Orchestra is famous in Russia and abroad. Most of distinguished musicians are happy to receive offers to perform in joint concert programs with BGSO.

Over the years, well-known musicians (N. Petrov (piano), M. Drobinsky (cello, France), V. Igoshina (piano, France-Russia), A. Ghindin (piano), G.Kazazian (violin), N. Lugansky (piano), M. Petukhov (piano), Yury Bogdanov (piano), P.Osetinskaya (piano), F.Raskin (piano, Belgium) and many others) were invited to be soloists in large-scale performances. Once having performed with BGSO, famous soloists invariably return to Bryansk to the great delight of BGSO fans. All of the invited musicians are unanimous in assessing the talent and skill of E.B.Ambartcumian as a conductor and emphasize that he is a great master of orchestral accompaniment, able to catch the individual style of solo instrumentalists and vocalists.

At the concert-presentation of the Steinway piano purchased by the Bryansk Philharmonic, People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Petrov performed with the BGSO and noted the skills of the ensemble, the subtle musical taste and conductor will of the artistic director of the orchestra. Special words of gratitude to the orchestra N.Petrov told for the inimitable mastery of the conductor and the collective to perform in an ensemble with a solo instrument when the orchestra «inflames» and supports the soloist, emphasizes its colorful abilities and carefully recreates the sound of the orchestral score.

Among the creative partners of BGSO we should emphysize the State Academic Choir of Russia named after A.A.Yurlov (artistic director and principal conductor, Honored Artist of Russia G.Dmitryak), with which the orchestra prepared a brilliant thematic program dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of S.Prokofiev.

In this program the orchestra performed a suite from the ballet Romeo and Juliet with the chapel choir of Russia the cantata Alexander Nevsky. These works sounded in the performance of BGSO in a deeply contemporary way, showing all the richness of images and feelings of Prokofiev’s works and recreating the spirit of the epoch.

A special place in the activities of BGSO takes work with and for children. E.Ambartcumian works with warmth and cordiality with the youngest musicians — pupils of the Bryansk Children's Art Schools.

The BGSO is a regular partner of the International Competition of Young Pianists named after T.P.Nikolaeva, born in Bryansk. At this competition the orchestra is a partner of the contestants of the older age group in the final round and takes part in the performance of piano concerts; takes part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the competition and in concert programs with the participation of the jury members.

Over the years many former students of the renowned Russian pianist (Y.Bogdanov, M.Petukhov, S.Senkov, V.Lyadov) performed with the orchestra in the concert programs of the contest named after Nikolayeva.

BGSO expresses deep gratitude and appreciation to the competition organizing committee and the jury members for the longstanding fruitful cooperation.

Concert in Courchevel, France 2017

The Bryansk Orchestra is famous beyond the borders of the region. Philharmonics of other regions willingly invite BGSO to perform. BGSO has successfully performed in Kremlin for many times, took part in many reputable Russian and International festivals and competitions, had important concert tours in China, France and Poland. At the moment the Orchestra is preparing for concert tours in Spain and Portugal.

BGSO before preforming in the Abbey of Fontenay, France 2017

Musical critics and concert specialists consider that the successes of the Bryansk Symphony Orchestra is due to the activities of the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor — Eduard Ambartcumian.

E. B. Ambartcumian has a brilliant education: he graduated from the Yerevan State Conservatory as a composer and conductor. He studied in the class of the People's Artist of Armenia, Professor Y. Davtyan who shared to his talented student lots of conducting secrets, awakened in him the ability to perceive the most subtle artistic impressions and transform these impressions into artistic images and ideas.

Y. Davtyan paid special attention to rising the conductor's will in his students and to the accuracy of the conductor's gesture, that allows the conductor to express his thoughts and ideas of the orchestra. Y. Davtyan who was a student and follower of the remarkable conductor of 20th century I.B.Markevich managed to transfer a lot from his mentor to E.Ambartcumian.

Mark Drobinsky and Simphonic Orchestra in Wieniawski Theatre. Poland 2017

Seeing E. Ambartcumian's inspired face and conducting gesture at the concert, you think that it is a clear confirmation of the famous statement of the 20th century great conductor Bruno Walter: «The conductor with his whole being must be ready to create a genuine art celebration every time from the very beginning».

We do not exaggerate telling that when performing E.Ambartcumian creates unforgettable and happy feelings of a real art celebration.

The BGSO's Principal Conductor has individual bright art personality. Open emotions, optimism and powerful will attract in his performances.

The most important is that he inspires the Orchestra with his ideas, reveals the deepness and beauty of the score, makes the orchestra love and respect performed works.

The significance and scale of the conductor's preparatory work with the orchestra preceding the performances is of great importance.

The undoubted merit of the head of the orchestra is making a creative atmosphere in the orchestra's rehearsal area and the ability to make the artists' fear of overcoming orchestral difficulties imperceptible. Ambartcumian manages to follow the score and read the author's notes, his brief and clear remarks during the rehearsals enable a deep and accurate reading of the orchestral parts and their in-depth understanding.

The word of the conductor, the classically clear gesture, goodwill and appropriate humor, impeccable mastery to read the score determine the special quality of Ambartcumian's rehearsals with the orchestra, when each rehearsal becomes meaningful and interesting. Often just a single conductor’s remark significantly changes the ratio of the sound of the individual parts, changes the interpretation of the orchestral part and emphasizes the «voice» of the solo instrument.

The huge energy of the conductor has a positive effect on the orchestra and on the listeners. Deeply in love with music, he knows how to charge the audience with his temperament and entice the listeners into the world of music, expanding the boundaries of spiritual empathy and musical impressions of the listeners.

BGSO is an object of pride for Bryansk region and Bryansk music lovers: it enlightens, delights with its commitment to the ideals of great Russian art, opens new and beautiful worlds of the unknown musical universe for the younger generation, it expands the boundaries of spiritual knowledge and ennobles the soul.

That is why the widest audience of the Bryansk region respects and loves the Orchestra and its Conductor, calling the BGSO respected and beloved ensemble of the most remarkable Bryansk musicians. In his turn E.B.Ambartcumian immensely respects and appreciates the Bryansk audience, believes in its good taste and developes it in a proper way.

Laureate of international competitions A. Dubov and BGSO

The material was prepared using the publications in media of the Russian Federation, Belarus, France, China.

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